Zuker is a non-profit organization with the goal to increase the cultural exchange between Europe and the Arab world, to connect artists from both regions, and to foster the common understanding between their societies.


The Classroom │ La Salle de Classe

Art Exhibition
October 2019

The exhibition “The Classroom – La Salle de Classe” presents works by two Moroccan artists of different generations who are concerned with the lives of children and adolescents in Morocco: Hicham Benohoud and Hicham Matini. In a poetic-surreal way, they take a critical look at the children’s everyday lives in school and their role in society, their handling of media images, their dreams, fears, and hopes. Click here to read more.

In cooperation with the German-Arab Friendship Association (DAFG), Zuker e.V. and Galerie Katharina Maria Raab.

Power Struggle

Art Exhibition
January 2019

The exhibition, titled “Power Struggle”, with the subject of “Self, Power, Politics” is an attempt to demonstrate the viewpoints of contemporary artists about the necessity of changes in society, as well as their interpretation with the aim of clarifying and creating a better world. “Power Struggle” exhibition is an international event, bringing together the artists from Iran, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco, and Egypt, to explore their points of view on this issue. Click here to read more.

In cooperation with the Factory TT Berlin/Tehran, Zuker e.V. and Galerie Katharina Maria Raab.

Presenting Arab Visual Artists

Online Platform
Work in Progress

Zuker Artists is an active, growing database presenting Arab visual artists and connecting artists between Euro-Arab worlds. Click here to read more.

What We See is More Than We May Think

Coming soon

Photography workshop hosted by Ahmed Kamel. The workshop will lead participants through the making of photographs of everyday places, exploring various lighting techniques and basic photo equipment. Participants will gain an increased awareness of their environment, and be encouraged to have a closer look at their surroundings.


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